Definition Essay – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

If a woman does not move or squirm, she was not raped. A woman cannot be raped by her husband. Once a woman marries, she has given herself up to him. One man compares raping your wife to “pocketing your own pocket,” or “stealing your own car,” giving the implication that once a woman marries, she is now a piece of property. Some men feel that they have entitlements over their woman, which rights them to demand sex whenever they want it. If a woman claims to have been raped, and gets pregnant, then she was never raped to begin with, because, according to Republican Todd Akins “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has a way to shut that whole thing.” There is no scientific backing of this idea, but apparently a woman could only be raped if there was a feeling of excitement or lust. Given these feelings were present; it was not possible that rape occurred. All of these are definitions of rape, all given by men, for as long as the crime existed. All of these definitions desensitize the issue of rape and violate women who were victims of rape even further than the crime itself already had.

There are many circling myths around rape. Myths include that woman asked to be raped by the way they dress of present themselves if they dress in a provocative manner. There is the belief that woman are raped by complete strangers. Only certain “kinds of people” can be raped. If a woman really did not want to be raped, then she can stop it from happening. Rape is not that big of a crime. Secretly, all women fantasize about being raped, and they want it. Rape is limited to occurring in certain parts of the day and certain areas. Rape is also limited to certain ages, or races. Let’s not leave out the myth that men cannot be rape. Men can and are victims of sexual assault, which makes it sound like all the men who put their ideas into what and what does not constitute as rape, believe that this myth is truth; and that maybe they believe they are not to prone to being a victim of rape in their lifetime. Men being raped is more underreported than women though. All of these beliefs are untrue. Rape can happen any time, any place, and to anyone. Most victims will be raped by someone that they know, or someone they are close to. It is a big crime because of its life lasting effects. Rape is a violent crime. A woman can fight her hardest in an attack, and till be raped. Sometimes, submitting can be the safest way if the victim wants to come out of the attack alive. No women fantasize about being raped. It is a brutal crime. It is not something one would ask for.

There is an average of 207,754 victims of sexual assault a year in the US. 54% of sexual assaults are not reported, and 97% of rapists will never go to jail. Rape is unwanted nonconsensual forced sexual intercourse including vaginal, anal, and oral penetration. Penetration may be done by a body part or a foreign object. If a woman does not consent or cannot consent, then she was raped. Rape includes more than violation of the body, but violation of ones will. It is as much about power and control as it is about sex. It is a very violent and degrading crime with life altering and damaging results and is not a crime to be desensitized by men especially.

After being raped, victims feel can feel denial, anger, powerlessness, fear, guilt, shock. The emotions felt are heavy and range. The emotions can last a lifetime or in phases. Every victim reacts different to rape, but they are critically effected, and not in positive ways. Some rape victims suffer from PTSD. PTSD is defined as an “extreme reaction to a situation which is outside the normal range of most human experience and which would be distressing to almost anyone, such as war, a threat, or an assault.” Women who are raped can suffer from extremely low self esteem or self hatred. Woman may tend to blame themselves for what occurred, even though it is never the victims fault. Victims of rape will tend to have nightmares and sleeping problems. They may suffer from extreme depression disorder. They may also suffer from flashbacks which will bring them back to that terrible time is their life. These flashbacks can be triggered by a face, a place, or even a smell. Anything that reminds them of the time the crime took place can trigger a flashback. They may have issues trusting people for the rest of their lives. Victims may have trouble talking about what happened to them. Rape is a traumatizing experience that permanently changes their lives. Every rape victim reacts different to their situation, but it is never an easy situation to cope with. As previously stated, women are not the only victims of crime. Men are raped as well. Cases of women rapes are more frequent and more reported, but rape in general, no matter who it happens to is a terrible degrading crime. It should not be desensitized the way it is by some men, especially by the select men who have not been victims of the crime.

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One Response to Definition Essay – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Kenyah!
    Your essay needs a title.

    As you may recall, Kenyah, I’ll be making comments paragraph by paragraph as I read your argument, so you’ll get “live” feedback from a critical reader (some would say too critical).

    P1. This is an extremely effective opening, Kenyah. Be sure to tell your classmates I said so, and especially effective because it doesn’t waste time and words explaining that you’re going to be writing a Definition Argument to help them understand the term rape. I love the audacity of the claims. Their outrageousness conveys how alarming men’s views are much more effectively than if you said: These men have outrageous views!

    Note: you must mean “picking your own pocket.”
    Note: you mean “which entitles them to demand sex.”

    Your transition from “the female body shuts that down” to “only if there was excitement” is not clear. There are steps missing. Does Akins mean that rape is only legitimate if there was no excitement? We need to see that step. Your language does not tie the lust and feelings language back to Akins.

    Note: as long as the crime has existed
    Note: than the crime itself already has

    The above are necessary to indicate present tense since rapes still occur.

    Note: myths circling, not circling myths
    Note: two typos in your 2nd sentence. Be careful, please.
    Note: Maybe it’s not a typo. Women is the plural of woman.
    Note: men cannot be raped
    Note: men can be and are victims

    Your men believe they cannot be raped sentence is extremely confusing.

    What was so very effective in P1 is less so in P2, although your technique is the same. Be sure your language is clear and that we always know you’re reporting myths, not making positive claims of your own. If you blur the lines, you’ll lose all the impact of the myth statements. Save your commentaries for later.

    You need to start a new paragraph at “All of these beliefs are untrue.” Otherwise, what follows will sound like more myths. Rape can happen any time is your own clear claim. Be sure it’s not mistaken.

    Never make claims about what other people fantasize, Kenyah. It’s unsupportable.

    P3. Fails for Grammar Rule 5. Your number problem can be solved by saying “there are” 208,000 victims of sexual assault in the US every year “on average.” Keep the victims plural.

    It may sound insensitive of me, but you need an example here to improve your already effective paragraph. The horrific case of the woman and her boyfriend raped and savaged on the bus in India (the woman raped and beaten with a metal rod) is a quick graphic reminder of the vicious power assertion that often accompanies the sexual assault. Name that incident and then, because you’ll easily find evidence that it occurred, remind readers that many Indian men tried to excuse the behavior of those thugs who committed the atrocity.

    P4. Note: heavy and range?
    Note: can last a lifetime or in phases? Can last in phases?
    Note: every victim reacts differently
    Fails for Grammar Rule 9
    Note: several other small grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Please do a thorough proofreading.

    What began as an effective technique to itemize a large number of crucial erroneous claims about rape loses its effectiveness completely by P4, Kenyah.

    Here you’re not writing at all, but merely listing the consequences of rape. You get repetitious and irrelevant toward the end too, mentioning again that men can be raped and saying again that the emotional nature of rape should not be desensitized. You need to shape this material to demonstrate a thesis.

    Here’s one: Nobody but the victim can say whether she was raped or not. That whole list of consequences could make it very evident to the victim that a rape occurred. Those consequences would not be apparent to Mister Akins.

    See what I mean about shaping the material? Use that list of consequences to prove a point.

    I’d love to know if you find these comments useful, Kenyah, and not merely annoying. Please respond, and also, be prepared to share with your classmates in class today whatever lessons you have learned from this feedback. Thanks.

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