Visual Argument – Adam Tutolo

Buzzed Driving

  • The video starts with loud club music playing in backround. The area seems deserted except for the club, a few people in the backround, the two characters, and a car. No one is introduced and no names are given to you. A man and women begin to walk out of the club. They are flirting and touching each other. The feeling being given is that of a good time, but you know the good time is about to come to an end.
  • A guy stumbles up to car his car with a girl on his arm, they talk and are about to get into the car. The girl seems to like him. It may be because of his nice clothes and accessories and his nice car. So the girl might be superficial leaving with him because of his rich appearence.
  • He is trying to act really cool in front of the girl that is with him. You get the feeling that he is about to do something stupid like get into the car when he is obviously drunk.
  • The guy looks like he is enjoying his life and he wants it to stay that way but driving buzzed could end his good time
  • The narrator mentions that driving buzzed could lead to a 10000 dollar fine, the guy seems to hear this and he goes from a state of joy to a state of sadness. He seems very suprised that he could loose all his nice things. which will in lead to all his nice things not being around anymore because he can’t afford them.
  • The guys guys sun glasses dissapear and that is when you can clearly see the look up worry and shock on his face. The girl begins to act standoffish and doesn’t seem to be in to him so much anymore.
  • All of his expensive accessories begin to disappear one by one. The guy begins to loose the confidence in his self he once had and the girl can tell.
  • The girl now looks turned off because he no longer has expensive things. The guy is now standing there in plain clothes representing what drunk driving can get you it will not only cost you loads of money but it will take intangible things to such a confidence and happiness.
  • Then the girl and the car disappear when the narrator says you can loose everything. The guy is now probably pondering his previous decision and most likely realizes that he could have had a good time without driving and that the decision of driving was a costly one.
  • The lights go out in the club, I believe this symbolizes that it isn’t fun and games when you should be concerned with the safety of human beings.
  • The guy realizes he has made a mistake and the risk of driving buzzed is too high.
  • The ad ends by saying buzzed driving is drunk driving because they want to make people realize that even though you think your only buzzed you can still be a danger to yourself and others.
  • I really liked the ending, it showed a scene with all the lights turned off, all the people gone, and the guy is sitting their alone and with nothing. From now on he will choose to not drink and drive because there is a risk of him loosing everything
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One Response to Visual Argument – Adam Tutolo

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is quite effective, Adam. You did a fair job of describing the scene (I’ve seen the ad, so part of what I’m seeing is my own memory of it), but a better job of analyzing the rationale for the director’s choices. You see and describe the argument behind the visuals. Nice work.

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