Visual Argument – Rory O’Connell

Hurricane Sandy Relief

  • Music in the ad is upbeat and hopeful
  • The way the dollar bill is folded shows how it can be used for many different purposes
  • They use a dollar bill so viewers don’t feel the need to donate large amounts of money
  • The text either says “we” implying that it is a group effort, or “I” which indicates that the dollar bill is sentient and can perform multiple tasks
  • The line, “If you want to lend a hand, I can help you reach out and truly touch lives.” This gives the sense of connection between the viewer and the money that will help the organization
  • “Even a small donation can make a big difference”, a line that makes people feel like many more people are donating.
  • The target demographic is probably anyone between the ages 18 to 50, and especially those that are on the east coast.
  • Each shape that the dollar bill make is meant to represent something, the heart symbolizes the shore and how it will continue to live(continue to beat). The airplane represents how quickly the dollar can help those in need. The stethoscope and hammer and nail show that the money is going to help rebuild homes and treat anyone that is ill. The house then represents the end goal that all this money is going towards. And finally, the hand is meant as a visual grab to make the viewer think they are lending a hand.
  • The overall tone of the video is upbeat and inspiring, it makes people think that donating even a small amount can help those affected by hurricane Sandy.
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One Response to Visual Argument – Rory O’Connell

  1. davidbdale says:

    For a time there, it seemed there would be no visual critique at all, but you saved yourself with your descriptions of the shapes the dollar can take, and the meaning behind those shapes. Nice work, Rory.

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