Visual Arguments – Samantha Kovnat

Stroke Awareness

  • The video begins with a woman in a white dress and engagement dress  nervously massaging her hands (it is evident that she is a bride on her wedding day).
  • Gentle piano music begins to play.
  • It continues on to show the bridal party taking a seat, and the awe and emotions of the crowd as the bride approaches (assumedly to the alter) the nervous groom who adjusts his tie.
  • We then are shown the hands of the minister/rabbi/officiator of the wedding, the hands of “grandma”, “The kiss”, and the photographer waving and yelling “jump” (presumedly) at the bridal party, who are smiling and excited to do just that.
  • A voice is now heard saying “body language…without saying a word…it can tell you so much…like someone is having a stroke.”
  • As the voice is saying this you begin getting images of people through out the receptions reactions throughout the night, making things more and more fast paced.
  • when the voice says “…like someone is having a stroke” everything slows down, and the images of a person dropping a plate with cake on it is hugely emphasized.
  • It then switches to a new screen, the voice begins educating us on knowing “the sudden signs” of stroke awareness.
  • He gives the Acronym “Fast. F- face drooping. A- arm weakness. S- Speech difficulty. T- Time to call 911 immediatly.”
  • With the voice, comes images illustrating each letters meaning in the acronym, leaving a lasting impression in your mind.
  •  The reassuringly “father like” voice then tells you ” “The sooner they get to the hospital, the sooner they get treatment, and that can make a remarkable difference in their recovery.”
  • The voice then shows the logo for the “F.A.S.T.” acronym and states “learn the body language, sudden signs, and spot a stroke. Fast.”

They manage to tie back in the body language theme, which in turn makes the ad 10 times more powerful, and have a lasting impact on the viewer. The use of images to illustrate the f.a.s.t acronym makes it all more real to the viewer, and something that will be much harder to forget than if they had only used words to backup the statement. What seems to be a light hearted and warm advertisement showing the happiness of a persons wedding day, quickly spirals into a haunting lesson stroke awareness that is simple, yet powerful in presentation.

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One Response to Visual Arguments – Samantha Kovnat

  1. davidbdale says:

    Beautifully put, Sammy. You bring a special sensibility to the simplest assignment.

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