Visual Argument-Kirsten Smith

Childhood Asthma: Monsters

  • The video starts with a little girl opening a bathroom door and looking in a bath tub.
  • There’s a rubber duck in the tub and the girl whispers “There’s one in my bath tub”.
  • The video then flips to a little boy who looks into his livingroom at a dog and whispers “There’s one on my couch”.
  • The video then flips to another scene with a boy looking into his bedroom where a teddy bear lies on his bed. He whispers ” There’s a monster on my bed”.
  • The video then flips to a little girl on her bed pulling the blankets up to see her dog under her bed looking scared.
  • Up until this little girl all of the kids in the video looked at the things that they proclaimed monsters as if they were scared of them. The last little girl didn’t look scared of her dog, because you can assume she is in control of the things that trigger her asthma attcks.
  • “Keep innocent things from triggering an asthma attack” the voice over says as the girl pulls up the covers.
  • The video then flips to a little boy who says “Please make the monsters go away”.
  • The whole video seemed dark as if it were in a nightmare type setting. This serves to show the audience how scary asthma can be especially for little kids.
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One Response to Visual Argument-Kirsten Smith

  1. davidbdale says:

    The one observation about the darkness of the scenes is a good visual argument observation, Kirsten. Otherwise, I get almost no sense of how the director chose his shots, cast his actors, staged his scenes, or paced his editing to make a visual argument.

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