Visual Argument – Brent Adkins

Adopting Foster Children

The PSA opens with what appears to be a family, with a mother, father, and two daughters, standing in a kitchen.  The family notion is established by the classic family of four model, with the father having just made a batch of cookies, most likely for the daughters.  The daughters pick up and eat the cookies that the father has made, appearing satisfied with the quality of the cookies.  One daughter says enthusiastically, “Wow, these are really good.”  The father responds questioningly with, “You act surprised.”  

The video cuts to clips of the father burning, mis-baking, and generally ruining many batches of cookies, with the father responding angrily to his failures.  

The video cuts back to the father who shrugs and says, “Practice makes perfect.”  A voice states, “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent,” and then goes on to state that there are thousands of teens and children in foster care that need parents.  A phone number appears for information about adoption.

The video uses the comic misfortune of the adoptive father to show that anyone can be a parent and adopt if they truly want to.  The light mood conveys a feeling of the family being a happy and healthy one, just as happy and healthy as any other family.  This is done to show that adoption is a good thing and that the adopted kids really are the adoptive parents’ kids at heart.  Due to the comical nature of the video, the PSA works effectively in conveying its message.

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