Causal Argument- Rick Casario

Online piracy has faced a lot of opposition in recent years, but just how serious would have battling it gotten when SOPA threatens the difference between pirates and innocent people using a single song under the fair use policy? Even more importantly, why have SOPA if we have the DMCA? There have been a variety of cases where the DMCA has either protected people under fair use conditions or condemned offenders, and life on the web continues as usual.

SOPA wants to challenge the way the DMCA works by over aggressively monitoring and censoring anything that could be deemed copy right infringement. That means if we were to share a video over facebook that involved a song or a scene from a movie, not only could you potentially be persecuted by the fullest extent of the law, Facebook itself could be severely wounded or even shut down if they refused to take down the infringing material. The infringing individuals would have to pay obscene fines and even face potential jail time. Piracy is stealing of copyrighted material, sharing copyrighted material is not stealing, therefore, individuals sharing work to social networking over the internet should not be a crime. In fact, SOPA would cause far more court cases and a land slide of legal issues because there are instances that would exist that could not have the line drawn one way or another.

SOPA is the opposite of what the internet needs. Instead of limiting who can use what material, more services like Spotify and Netflix would help seriously slow if not cure the massive amounts of internet piracy that we see on a daily basis. Both of the previously mentioned services allow you to watch thousands of movies and television shows for only $10 month, or Spotify that offers a completely free way to listen to damn near anything. Artist generate money from the advertisements that come up on Spotify, and Spotify premium which is no advertisements to the listener, and access to Spotify from mobile devices and other non-desktop devices for $10 a month. With programs like this becoming more popular by the hour, SOPA becomes more of a government monitoring tool that breaches privacy of everyday people than a self-proclaimed protective measure of creative works

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One Response to Causal Argument- Rick Casario

  1. davidbdale says:

    I see why you left this one behind, Rick. Your other essays are much stronger.

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