Causal Essay -Dan Primavera

“Prozac: A Widely Regarded ‘White’ Drug”

There are no clear cut reasons that Prozac is mostly prescribed to white people but there are many factors that go into this complexity that may be the cause (although some may not be right or just). Although it would be completely ideal to have no racism in our world, it is sort of a “wet dream” if you don’t mind me saying, and being that this is something that factors into everyday life makes a large impact onto this situation. Of all people, many would at least hope that doctors would be a profession that racism would not factor into, but after looking at multiple studies, there is just no way that racism is not a cause for minorities not receiving Prozac and getting the generic brands. In a couple different studies, there were many findings that definitely indicate racism of the physicians because of the fact that some of the minority persons who ended up receiving the generic brand Prozac had no imperfections that should warrant this. These imperfections would include healthcare types that may not cover the real brand name Prozac and also health issues that may be affected negatively by the brand name pill. Seeing that these minority persons are completely eligible to receive the brand name Prozac, and are still given the generic brand, indicates racism in some parts of the physician field. This is a truly sad thing to have confirmed through this research.

On top of the racism factor into Prozac being mostly prescribed to white people, one of the few other causes for this to occur is a patients’ medical provider not allowing for the name brands pill to be prescribed. But, although this is a valid argument as to why one may not be prescribed name brand Prozac, it does not cover the large amount of people with valid medical providers who should allow for the name brand drug. The fact that there are so many conditions a patient may have that would warrant a Prozac prescription and many are still given the generic types is worrisome.  Although the generic brand Prozac is effective in what it is supposed to help within its’ patient, nothing beats the real name brand drug and there is no reason why any patient should have their rights taken away for the best treatment possible.

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