Visual Argument- Joseph Passalacqua

Emergency Preparedness

  • Piano playing
  • 2 different alarm clocks pictured in first camera shot
  • Scene is split between two different men waking up.
  • Both men are performing the same action, stretching in the same way upon waking
  • Both men look outside the window
  • Scene outside of window is similar but different
    • Buildings all appear to be the same, but in the scene on the right, there are additional skyscrapers added to the scene
  • Both men washing their face
  • Both men fixing their tie’s and wearing glasses
  • News papers scattered on table
  • Keys in a bowl in both scenes
    • Ceramic bowl on left, Glass bowl on right
  • News paper says San Francisco in scene on left
  • Both men exiting and driving away from row homes
    • More than likely San Francisco
  • Obvious difference in time periods, due to different makes of car and camera quality
  • Driving scene now, but cars pictures on both sides are different from previous scene
  • Scene of city street full of people.  Appear to be shot from the same location
  • Elevator scene on both sides
    • One elector with buttons on left, one elevator with buttons on right
    • Two men from beginning are back
  • Both Men Drinking coffee at what appears to be work, on two different looking computers in an office.
    • One computer looks older than the other
  • Both men walking in an office and pass a woman
    • Little difference between two scenes aside from the quality of camera
  • Both men at a coffee machine
  • Both men walking past male co-worker near a secretaries desk
  • High fives given to male coworker
  • Break room, conversing with co workers
  • Both men in line at some food establishment, more than likely for lunch
  • Both men in business meeting
  • Both men now leaving the office, exiting through elevator they entered through
  • Driving home in same cars they left in, returning to the same homes they left from
  • Both men open the door to their homes
  • Both men take off jacket, throw on bed and loosen tie
  • Both men brush teeth and spit in sink while looking in mirror
  • Man on left reading a news paper with a book lamp.  Man on right reading an e-reader.
    • Sign of different time periods between scenes, as e-readers didn’t exist until the 2000’s (to my knowledge)
  • E-reader and book lamp go off, same scene, both men appear to be going to bed.
  • Text appears on-screen in scene on left
    • “On October 17, 1989 the Bay Area was hit with the most devastating earthquake in nearly a century.”
    • Scene on left more than likely took place on October 16th 1989
  • More text on the left
    • “But the day before was just an ordinary day.”
  • Text appear on the right
    • “Like today.”
  • Piano stops
  • Scenes switch to one scene of the sky
    • Piano returns
    • text in all caps “TODAY IS THE DAY BEFORE”
    • subtext “Prepare for tomorrow”
  • No vocals throughout ad
  • Scene end

The ad is trying to show that at any moment, a disaster can strike and trying to warn people to prepare and be ready for any and all possibilities. Not necessarily an earthquake, which they used as an example.  Difference in scenes is only different because of the time periods they are both based off of.  Each man was living a practically identical life, aside from the man on the left, who experienced an earthquake the next day.

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