A Refutation Exercise

Just after class Tuesday I remembered the counterintuitive I was struggling to recall while we were together. I had heard a story about what are called ag-gag laws, legislation designed to criminalize journalists who publicize the inhumane treatment of animals on commercial farms and in slaughterhouse. The counterintuitive aspect of the story was that animal respect activists were currently opposing a particular law that would make it a crime not to report animal cruelty shortly after witnessing it.

You’ll never guess the grounds on which they objected to that law, but I’ll give you a chance to try. Here’s an article that will help you figure it out.

As part of today’s exercise, I want you to read this fascinating proposal argument rich with claims we can try our best to refute.

If you’re not squeamish, you might be able to watch this video shot by clandestine animal rights advocates to demonstrate cruelty inside meat processing plants. I warn you, it is hard to watch no matter how strong your stomach is.

I’ll most likely update this page throughout the day. Be thinking about animals, how we treat them, and to what extent we need to be honest about how we produce our food.


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