A12 Visual Argument- Rick Casario

The video I chose to talk about was the the texting and driving prevention clip from “Glee”.

Texting and Driving Prevention

– The video starts off with a girl driving a VW buggy down a rural road

– The girl is presumably narrating and says she’s on her way to visit friends

– She is driving excessively fast, and just notices a tractor just ahead

– The narrator doesn’t want to seem rude to her friends because she is taking a while to get there

– The narrator decides to look at her phone to answer it and drives through a stop sign at a crossroads

– the camera cuts to black as the truck slams into her side of the car

– the video rewinds and the narrator explains that in those 5 seconds you look away, it could likely be fatal

– Narrator concludes “Where ever you’re going, make sure you make it there alive.”

This comercial did a really good job of expressing how serious texting and driving could be. We could very well die, or bring harm to others just to answer a message that can wait till you come to a stop. The camera not pulling away until a split second into the impact is really where the “shock and awe” comes in and helps deliver the message of no texting and driving.

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2 Responses to A12 Visual Argument- Rick Casario

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey Rick

    Why a VW buggy? It could be any vehicle. Every choice made in a spot this brief is VERY deliberate. So why?

    Any significance to that choice? Friends instead of an errand, a trip to a hospital?

    Why the tractor? This one’s important. It goes to character.

    You’re answering my earlier question about the friends.

    You say the truck slams into her side of the car, but you’re writing a critique of a visual argument, so what do we see of the truck slamming into her car?

    The video rewinds to where? Why?


    Why wouldn’t a bloody headless corpse deliver the same message better?

    Grade Recorded
    (Anybody contemplating a revision should read the Model Visual Argument)

  2. rickc1030 says:

    Okay thank you.

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