Visual Argument -Dan Primavera

I chose the “Fatherhood Involvement” video:

-scene opens with a grandmotherly looking woman knitting in a living room

-the living room is very boring looking and old fasioned

-a mans voice singing kicks in from what is to be thought outside of the room

-close up on the old woman, looking very confused raising an eyebrow

-the camera then changes to looking outside a window to see a grown man singing and dancing below

-the setting outside is very lively (maybe only because of what’s going on but not boring like the grandmothers’ room)

-the camera then goes to outside looking directly at the grown man happily singing and dancing

-then a shot of the old woman watching him, appearing confused

-the camera then pans out to show that it was a father singing and dancing helping his young daughter with her cheer leading routine

-then a narrator comments on how a fathers’ involvement can have such a large impact on a child’s life

-the video closes out with the father and daughter finishing the routine and saying to try again as the narrator explains where to go to get the organizations information

This ad is very effective in making the point of how every father involving himself in his child’s life can have such a huge impact on their relationship and the child’s growing up.

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One Response to Visual Argument -Dan Primavera

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey Dan!
    Since you didn’t provide a link, I’m taking this opportunity to see how well you describe the visual argument without first looking at the visual argument myself.

    Tell me a little bit about the living room. Is it sunny, dark, richly furnished, shabby? What am I to conclude very briefly about the cultural values or sociological situation of this grandmother in the living room? Is it her living room, do you suppose? Why do you think so? (My own model for this exercise took these factors into consideration when looking at the room in which the couple lay listening to the argument upstairs.)

    What makes you know the voice is coming from outside the room, Dan? Is it something about the woman’s reaction or non-reaction? Is it the muffled sound? Does she hear the voice? How do you know so?

    Confused by something you can guess? Or just confusion? Is she demented?

    What does “looking outside the window” mean? Does the camera look through the window? By below do you mean on the lawn two stories below?

    When we see the happy man dance (in the lawn?), do we also see the window we’ve just been looking through? I bet we do. We need to. Tell me why we need to see that window.

    How do we see the woman looking at him? Through the window?

    If I understand correctly now, the father was making a fool of himself, which confused his mother, but for the good purpose of coaching his daughter in her routine.

    Well, yes, it does make that point, but it does much more than that, don’t you think? Dads can “involve themselves” in a million ways in their children’s lives: financially, or by criticizing, or through discipline, or by exposing them to new things, or by teaching . . . . Some of these can be done in private. Some require a commitment, the involvement of the community . . . see what I mean? What argument does this ad make, specifically, about what sort of involvement, and at what cost to the parent?

    Grade recorded.
    (Anyone considering revisions should re-read the Assignment and the newly-posted Model Visual Argument.)

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