Bitcoin Causal Argument—Team Kluge

Billy Kluge 3

Mike Middleton 2

Sammy Kovnat 4

Jodi Dziedzic 1

Drugs for BitCoins

Bitcoin is a form of currency created on the Internet. From the main website it is portrayed as an easy peer-to-peer exchange method but in reality has alternative motives. Bitcoin creates a secret hard to track way to sell and purchase illegal drugs.

When a Bitcoin is created and traded each one has its own encrypted code that changes over time. The coins are nearly impossible to track back to the owner through each transaction. This means if a website accepts the currency, the user can purchase what ever they please without having to worry about consequences. A website named Silk Road is an anonymous market that sells numerous illegal drugs.  Silk Road exclusively accepts Bitcoins, and can only be seen by BitCoin users. A large portion of Bitcoin owners use the currency to buy drugs because they know using them will allow complete anonymity and zero risk when getting drugs. They are actually paying extra, however the drug user population is ignorant to the corruption or too addicted to care. This causes them to use the convenient online system.  Bitcoin is a huge factor in the online drug trafficking, and taking advantage of drug users.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the only known name of the creator of Bitcoin but this is thought to pseudonym and has never given an interview. He or she is keeping himself or herself anonymous. This gives him or her a huge advantage over each Bitcoin user. As the creator of the program he can do what he pleases to this online economy and could be feeding lies as to the purpose of BitCoin. Detached from the drug trafficking by name and controlling the currency he or she s a puppet master of the operation feeding on the fact that the products being sold are illegal.

A Bitcoin is not a physical object; it is completely created and hidden behind the Internet. The company uses the fact that the currency is peer to peer and not monitored by the government as a good thing, however this is more bad than good. With no government involvement there is no law enforcement system, no one to monitor what is happening.  Some people are investing their life savings and time into a business that can be altered at any moment. Silk Road and Satoshi are untouchable because they are hidden behind a computer screen.

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2 Responses to Bitcoin Causal Argument—Team Kluge

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is terrific work, Team, especially considering the very tight deadline. You’ve done a lot more than just explain what bitcoin is (in fact, you haven’t bothered much about that); you’ve gone instead to the consequences of an anonymous currency as a tool for illicit transactions. You call that a motivation of its inventors of operators. I wonder if that’s true. It’s possible the stuff was created without much consideration for how it would be used. Maybe what has happened since was predictable, maybe not.

    I’m unclear what you mean by “feeding lies as to the purpose of BitCoin.” Does the inventor of the currency communicates anything at all to its users, other than that a new batch has been released for mining?

    You appear to be connecting Silk Road and Satoshi in a way that would require evidence of some kind. Or you should acknowledge that you’re merely speculating. The smarter person would have nothing to do with Silk Road. She’d just invent the currency, use supply and demand to control its value, and own more of it than anybody else could ever own. What Silk Road could make, dangerously, would be chump change compared to the “owner” of the currency.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Graded for all participants. Very nice work.

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