Definition Essay-Taylor Brody

Bronies, known for being the adult male fans of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, have an immense creative drive. Whether it’s in the form of music, fine art, animation or broadcasting, members of the the brony community always seems to have a creative way of expressing their fandom.

In articles such as this one on My Fox Philly, it is apparent that the press concentrates solely on the gender confusion aspect of bronies, rather than their contributions to the artistic world. Searching “bronies in the news” on Google only brings up stories of similar character. What isn’t being presented to the world are the various works of art that bronies create, and how these impact the World-Wide Web. The most influential artwork that bronies create is their fine art. Talented artists paint, sketch or even electronically design characters from MLP, original characters and more, even non-MLP related art. Many of these artists actually make a profit on commissioned artwork by charging a small amount on deviantART and Tumblr, two sites that allow their members to make a profit on their work. Many brony artists use this outlet as side-work, as it is an opportunity to make a profit to a very demanding audience. Depending on the quality of the artwork, drawings can be as cheap as a few dollars and as much as twenty dollars or more. Bronies for Good actually commissions art for charity sometimes, and offers the chance to do community service to not just any brony artist, but any artist who can draw ponies in the MLP style.

Music plays a huge role in the brony fandom. With the hiring of MandoPony to the MLP creative team, his influence has caused musicians to appear out of the woodwork. BronyCon 2013, which is the largest brony convention in the world, has fit enough musical artists in their BronyPalooza concert for over two days. Brony music is almost always clean, often humorous, and often features home-made animation under it. While some artists simply remix songs from MLP: FiM, many artists create original tracks with featured vocals and instrumentation.

Bronies who know how to animate have made unbelievable tributes to the MLP franchise. One of the most popular brony animators, BlackGryph0n, has created such quality work that Tara Strong, the voice of Twilight Sparkle in MLP: FiM, has voiced the character for some of his animations. Like other fandoms, animated tributes to the fandom vary from innocent and kind to irrevocably insane, yet hilarious. Hotdiggedydemon’s .MOV series takes each main character from the MLP: FiM series and maxes out their personality traits. For example, Pinkie Pie, one of the main characters in FiM, loves to party. She is portrayed in the .MOV series as a Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan-type party girl. It is unknown exactly how many brony-themed videos are on YouTube, but the biggest “Best Brony Videos” list on there features about 200 videos. (And those are only the best ones.)

The Everfree Network is the top brony broadcasting website. Anyone who visits the site can participate in live chatrooms, video streams and celebrity interviews. (Of course, “celebrity” defines the cast and crew of MLP: FiM.) Tara Strong, Lauren Faust and other well known voice actors that contribute to FiM have taken time out of their day, without getting paid, to have an interview with fans and the hosts of Everfree Radio. Everfree Radio also plays brony music, and it is 100 percent free for the public to listen to. It is also used as a publicity outlet for brony animators and filmmakers, who sometimes have their work posted on the front page of the website.

The brony fandom is not just a bunch of guys trying to be different. It is a thriving community of artists and creative minds, who take pride in paying tribute to their fandom in the form of art, music, animation and broadcasting. Even if someone isn’t a fan of the MLP franchise, the creative works of bronies are worth checking out…and who knows, maybe you’ll end up in their shoes afterward!


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  1. davidbdale says:

    Among your accomplishments this semester, Taylor, you’ve managed to gather enough material to make good short arguments, then chosen wisely what to export to your research paper, and what to leave behind. This paper demonstrates that what was valuable for the definition essay didn’t necessarily have to be emphasized in your longer work. Good choices.

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