Common Sentence Problems

Count/Noncount Plurals
When the local police force is unable to handle a crime that is committed in their district they normally call in help from surrounding police departments.

Parallel Comparisons
College judicial systems are just as crooked and backwards as how crimes are reported and handled by only campus police.

Limit your nouns and pronouns.
The best way to help someone is to listen to what their needs are first, and then to try to help that person accomplish their needs by themself.

Make the subject your subject.
Each college is slightly different with how their judicial system works.

In theory the idea of campus judicial and police systems may seem like a great idea to some.  It keeps the investigation internal and close to home.  It also saves the reputation of the man until he is proven guilty.  The local police would release the alleged rapist’s name, damaging him forever. This is wrong; the focus should be on protecting and seeking justice for the victim, not the rapist.

Citation Lead-ins
Kristen Lombardi, an investigative reporter for the Center of Public Integrity, tells us that the majority of judicial systems consist of “hearing panels will consist of students and faculty and staff members serving as a board.”

Combine for Clarity and Economy
Education affects not only students, but their parents, teachers, and administrators. Many of these types of people have weighed in on the subject of No Child Left Behind.

Finding the Drama
The health of the environment is in constant concern among a lot of people. Looking for new ways to improve the quality of the air that we breathe and reducing our society’s carbon footprint that is left behind. Some of the best ways of doing so is by improving the way we impact our environment. One way to do this is by using more paper.

Inherent in the sentences above is the conflict below. It’s not adversarial; the author is an environmental advocate too, but he creates a category of people to argue with so that his own proposal is an innovation and a more active approach to positive change.

The health of the environment is a constant concern. Environmental advocates warn us to limit the harm we do to our atmosphere or die. But we can do more than limit harm; we can actually improve our own air and reduce our society’s carbon footprint. One simple step to reverse global warming and take more carbon from the air is to use more paper.



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