Rebuttal Essay – Rory O’Connell

Wearing Helmets for less Risk

Helmets are designed to effectively protect the head of bikers in case of an accident. When bikers fall helmets have been show to reduce chances of head injury by 85%. In hospitals, 7% of head injuries in children are bike related. By increasing the number of helmet laws more lives can be saved from head related bike accidents. Even the way helmets are made saves peoples lives. They’re made of a hard shock absorbing foam with a thin shell to help the helmet slide on pavement. There are also different types of riders that need to be accounted for. The first, “speed-happy” cyclists, are more extreme or dare-devils when on bikes. When compared to relaxed cyclists they have a much higher chance of injury. Even though there are two different types of bikers the laws can only affect cyclists in general

Although statistics show that wearing a helmet makes accidents safer, riding in bike only lanes has proven to be far more safer than wearing a helmet. Being on the street with cars speeding by is extremely dangerous for both drivers and cyclist. When helmet laws are made they don’t include that there are two types of cyclists. They make laws requiring helmets for everyone, when in reality only the riskier bikers need to wear them. Relaxed cyclists are forced to wear helmets even if they don’t need them for safety. Helmets also cause bikers to have slower reaction time and discourage cycling in general. The majority of people ride bikes more relaxed so these laws are only hurting them. The laws only help those few extreme bikers and encourage safety that they are probably already aware of.

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One Response to Rebuttal Essay – Rory O’Connell

  1. davidbdale says:

    There’s a really good argument in here that you don’t quite manage to make, Rory. In general, I like your argumentative impulses; you don’t follow through well in most cases and your work continues to be marred by avoidable, simple grammar errors.

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