A16: Your Portfolio

In an effort to give you every opportunity to make late revisions to your work, I am setting the deadline for Portfolios at NOON SUN MAY 05.

Your portfolio will contain your

  • Research Position Paper
  • Reflective Statement
  • Visual Argument
  • and 2 out of 3 of these:
    • Definition Argument
    • Causal Argument
    • Rebuttal Argument

To build your Portfolio:

  1. Open each document in Edit mode
  2. De-select your name from the Author category
  3. Select the category Portfolio
  4. Select your name beneath the word Portfolio
  5. Update your post
  6. Refresh WordPress and check your name in the new Portfolio category in the sidebar.
  7. When complete, your Portfolio will contain 5 obvious documents.
  8. Early drafts of your Short Arguments will comprise 2 more documents for a total of 7.

Your Portfolio accounts for 75% of your overall grade.
All other work comprises the remaining 25%.


About davidbdale

Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels. www.davidbdale.wordpress.com
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