Reflective – Brent Galen Adkins

The Devil’s Advocate

With age comes wisdom, and now, one semester older, I find myself 3 credits wiser in the field of writing.  This was made possible by the extremely well formed and executed teaching style of my professor, leaps and bounds more helpful than my previous composition teacher in teaching helpful writing skills and not just reprogramming my writing style to suit his own personal tastes.  Due to my time in and out of class working on essays, I have been able to improve my ability to wield revisions, figurative and literal language, information, and communication.

Revisions are an artist’s best friend, proving especially true for lingual artists.  Applying those skills to paper allows an artist to rethink previous ideas, strengthen arguments, and improve a paper as a whole before it becomes set in stone, such as an article in a magazine.  My technique in revision has been calloused even further due to the constant feedback I was able to receive from my professor, even revising papers multiple times before the first draft was due.  It has also improved in sharpening my ability to spot extra errors I would have previously missed.  Revision itself then lent its aid to language.

Words mean something because we say they do, and within the meaning of one phrase may lay an even deeper meaning; such is the case with figurative language.  My self-attributed strength in writing is my ability to weave figurative language into literal, although it became much less necessary when I stepped into the Composition II writing assignments as I began to concise my writing into short, meaningful statements.  This meant being more precise with figurative language so as to only use it where it would improve the work, not just to add flourish.  The compacting of information also led to the improvement of my literal language, forcing me to say more with fewer words.  The language I put to paper then became stronger in its use of information.

Sources are the backbone to an argument, providing support for ideas and ideas to refute.  In Composition II, each argument was for or against an idea from a source, and had to be supported by other sources or at least refuted by finding the flaws within the source.  The course strengthened my ability to take in information and analyze it accordingly.  I learned that information, from sources, is the only way to effectively argue a point of view, and that every point of view can be argued, an enjoyable lesson for myself as a fan of the devil’s advocate.  Finally, the course improved my ability to communicate.

People like to receive as much information as they can as quickly as possible.  Composition II reinforced that belief, forcing me to remove as much useless information and language as I could within in each argument while still conveying my point of view.  The course also helped me deal with the issue of remembering the audience and proving my point as effectively as possible.

Composition II will continue to be a helpful influence on my writing and reading.  It has helped me improve in the most important skillsets of both, and gave me a new perspective on life itself, looking at the counterintuitive as being as truthful as the intuitive.

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One Response to Reflective – Brent Galen Adkins

  1. davidbdale says:

    Galen, huh? That’s new. Awesome name. This is good work, Brent. I particularly like your emphasis on precision and concision. And thank you for the compliment. I’m very glad you found the course well-executed. You certainly took advantage of the opportunity!

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