Reflective Statement-Nicole Clark

My Personal Experience in Comp II

The past few months of the semester have influenced my writing in a positive way.  I have come to understand the aspects of writing and the styles of writing that are needed in great papers.  I have learned ways to gather important information for my papers and ways to articulate them in the best ways possible.  The critique and feedback that I have received from my professor have steered me in the right direction of writing great papers.  Comp II has helped me improve my writing with Core Values I, V, and VII as my guide.

Throughout the semester, my writing has developed a through revisions, feedback and critique.  I have become confident in my personal work, but I have also learned that nothing is perfect.  The greatest essays can always use improvement and editing to make them the best they can possibly be.  Core Value I provides writers with a clear explanation that writing is a process involving multiple stages and revisions.  This Core Value also explains how writing is a social process.  Comp II has provided me with an endless amount of chances to reedit papers and view other’s essays through a blog.  Revising compositions was extremely easy with provided feedback from my Professor.  Interacting with classmates through a blog also made it easy to observe all different types of essays that could show me exactly what my essay needed.  Being able to communicate with my peers through the blog was a great way to share ideas and interact with others.  The idea of being social when it comes to writing is a scary thought some people have a hard time taking criticism from others.  I think that gaining feedback from peers is a great way to add depth to a paper and improve the overall essay.  This Core Value displays how revisions, editing and other’s opinions can help an individual become a better writer.

As the end of the spring semester approaches, I feel as though I will be able to analyze specific arguments and use information as a specific tool in all of my writing.  Being able to interpret information and include examples in all works is very important.  Core Value V informs writers of how important information is in writing.  For example, my research position paper consisted of information that sleeping on a decision is the best way to come to a conclusion and make overall quality decisions.  I used as many as ten sources to prove this to be true and I provided as much information that I possibly could.  The role of information in writing can change a paper and all of its content.  Using this information as a tool to enhance the quality of a paper is very important.  I have learned that the purpose of including facts and vital information could affect a paper completely.

Comp II has encouraged me to use individuality and responsibility in all aspects of writing.  This relates to Core Value VII which reassures writers to generate new ideas and use one’s power wisely.  When composing new papers, the individual has the power to make the writing their own.  The idea of stealing an individual’s writing is completely frowned upon.  The power to create new ideas is an important concept of Comp II.  It is imperative to provide as many thoughts and concepts in a paper as possible and it is vital to take responsibility for all information included in the essay.  When given a chance to create something new, one must use this as a way to make it the best that it can possibly be.  Compositions can display who the author really is and the type of person they are.  Comp II has taught me that as a writer, one must use their power in a positive way and create something great.

My experience in Comp II has taught me to take into consideration all feedback and opinions of others.  These ideas can improve a paper and make it the best it can possibly be.  Individuality and creativity is important when writing papers through the years.  Information plays one of the most important roles in creating a paper.  This class has taught me to stay true to myself and to not be afraid to gain feedback from readers.  Comp II was a challenging process but it has taught me that my writing is progressing and  that I can be a really great writer if I keep moving forward.

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One Response to Reflective Statement-Nicole Clark

  1. davidbdale says:

    That’s good stuff, Nicole. You make a particularly impressive observation about the social aspect of the blog. It’s not necessary for writers to directly collaborate in order for writing to be social. Our course blog demonstrates that writing is a conversation between the author and whoever else happens to join in. I’m glad you appreciate that others are writing for you just as much as you’re writing for them. 🙂

    I like your profession of confidence too, a confidence earned through mild confrontation. It can be extremely daunting to present your material in a more public way than usual, as the blog demonstrates to most students in the first two weeks. I’m heartened to hear that for you, the challenge was fruitful and has made you more receptive to feedback, less wary, more certain of your abilities.

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