Reflective – Billy Kluge

Actually Learning in Class

This semester in College Composition II I have continued to improve as a writer and gained more values to think about while composing a piece of writing. The work has not been easy and each piece has been a multistep process requiring time and critical thinking of each sentence of each essay. I have also realized the importance of every bit of information and understand the responsibilities that come with each thought I have put down into words.

In the beginning of the spring semester I had already been through many years of writing classes. I have known that to form a good final work an author is required to form a draft and then revise. This semester it has become even more apparent to me the necessity of not just having a draft but of having a group of small drafts to form a full final paper. Before creating our final research position paper this semester we were required to compose three smaller individual drafts that each approached the topic in a different way. This was a multistep process that made putting the final paper much easier to write. I was also able to revise these smaller papers on their own recursively to look at them each a small piece. All I had to do was put the three together and I had a well written research position paper that covered everything and then revise as a whole checking for proper transition through the topic. Throughout this process though I also had to engage in the social process, having peers read my smaller works and then larger work allowed me to receive feedback that changed my paper for the better. Hearing another’s opinion on my topic allowed me to realize new things and respond to questions I had not thought about. Once they reviewed my works it would be back to revising until I felt my paper was the best it could be. This entire process of peer review and revising can be done over and over, each time making the paper better.

Each word can be defined in the dictionary separately but when put together they can mean so much more. Once words are put together in a sentence they are given meaning. Each sentence should have a reason for being in an essay. The meaning of each sentence can be interpreted differently if alone, but when together can support each other to come to one final idea. This is the importance of choosing the proper way to put words together to show what you want them to mean. The writer creates the meaning throughout their work. One sentence in my essay can say what something is but with multiple it can allow the reader to understand the effects of this thing, the importance, and an opinion.

Anyone can write their opinion. Forming an opinion is the easy part, supporting that opinion is what is important. To support their beliefs people need information. No one is going to change their current opinion or believe what a person says unless they have information to back it up. While writing my proposal research paper finding information was crucial and was used to back up what I thought. Good information can inform others and change their mindset to agree with what is being presented. Information is powerful.

In America freedom of speech and press allow citizens to create any writing we want. With this freedom comes ethical responsibility. Speech has the power to offend and hurt others; it should not be used in this way. When forming a thesis it is okay to take risks but it is important to consider the audience and the opinions of those opposing your writing. My research proposal paper on self-harm made me think about this ethical responsibility. Controversial topics can offend which can take away from the thesis of the paper. I had to be careful with my word choice and show that I wasn’t trying to support depression but instead show another way of thinking of it.

My freshman semester is quickly coming to a close. I am walking out of this semester with a new way to think of my writing, and a way to analysis my work in similar ways done through this class. I am thankful for my new writing skills and they will be with me for life.

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One Response to Reflective – Billy Kluge

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m most impressed with your observation about ethical responsibility, Billy. You’re right about the harm writing can cause; I hope the lesson you take from that is that writing is more powerful than you thought.

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