Reflective- Joseph Passalacqua

Not Your Average Comp Class

This past semester in composition 2 has helped me improve my writing skills from being a mediocre college student, to someone whose writing abilities are easier to understand and express my opinions in a much clearer fashion. The feedback received was always helpful and always aided in improving my grade.  This course has made me think more critically and evaluate all subjects at hand from a much more academic viewpoint, making me a better writer and student overall.

Through core value one, I was able to better plan and execute effective writings.  Through the multi-stage process, I was able to plan my writing ahead of time through the gathering of many different resources to write about.  After finding a good amount of sources, I then was able to plan out and structure my writing.  After creating a plan, I was then off to write my essays.  After submitting each essay, it’s clear that my work was far from over.  Next I had to receive feedback, and after receiving feedback from both my professor and my fellow students, I was then able to identify the problems in my writing and communicate my point much easier.  After tweaking and warping my writings from the original form they were in, my writings then reached a broader audience and kept my reader’s attention better.

Core value three represents the critique process.  Having the ability to read others writings and have others read my writing could ensure that your writing made sense with what we were all trying to communicate through constructive feedback.  Many writers, including myself, have a tendency to write how they talk, but certain phrases and wording of sentences may not translate easily onto paper.  While reading others writings and rereading my own, I have the ability to provide constructive feedback to my fellow students to help make their points clearer as well as identify when my writing doesn’t make sense while receiving my own constructive feedback, and tweak my writings until they are easier to read and understand.

Core Value five is all about identifying and using valid information.  The Internet is full of millions of different pages that all can report and reflect information from a variety of different sources.  Some of those sources may not be as relevant and true as they seem, so after obtaining our sources, we would need to ensure that all information gained through the source is reliable.  After ensuring we, as writers are writing information based off valid information, we also need to give credit where credit is due and site each of our sources properly.

Core value seven is all about identifying our responsibility as writers.  Having the ability to write is a gift and holds a responsibility that could be unique to every individual who chooses to write. My personal responsibility as a writer means knowing that I have the ability to write however I choose through freedom of speech. But with that ability, I have the skill to provide information to people and educate and inform them on a variety of different topics. My writings must always reflect true and valid information, and I vow to never manipulate my writing in a way that provides false or controversial information.  I write to the best of my abilities, no matter the topic.

This class teaches much more than what you would find in your average comp class.  After going through two semesters of class with this professor, I can say with confidence that not only am I a better writer, but I see myself as a better-rounded person as well.  The skills gained through this course are going to aid me in all of my writings throughout my college career, as well as any writings I may need to create after graduation.  The course has helped me to think more critically of each and every subject that sparks my interest. I know of no other course that can educate me as well as this course has done.

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