Reflective – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

Truthfully, Comp II was a struggle for me. It was a struggle, but it was worth enduring, because it made me think. Coming out of Comp II, I think I have become a better thinker. I have learned the importance of thinking outside of the box. I have learned that there is great strength in becoming a better thinker. I realized that I was not as good a writer as I thought, because I was not as clear a thinker.

The first core value is to understand that writing is multi-stage, recursive and social process. This means that writing a paper does not mean you just put together your ideas, and after the first shot, your paper is golden. Writing is a process. You have to collect information, and organize your thoughts and ideas. Papers also have to go through revisions done to enhance your paper each time you revisit it. In understanding that, I have greatly appreciated extensive feedback. It has guided me to the steps I needed to take towards writing better papers and helped me see my strengths and weaknesses.

Core Value III is to understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning. In other words, one should be able to read a text and be able to understand what it means and explain it effectively. In writing my definition essay I had to learn to write clearly so that my writing was more effective. In writing more clearly, my meanings would be well understood. Also in incorporating resources, it was important to clearly get across the meaning of claims that I have read.

Core value V is to understand the role and use of information in writing. At college level writing you are to extract ideas of authors, ensure the quality, and use it with your own knowledge in your paper. You value the information that you get and interpret it in your paper. My entire Comp II experience has been dedicated to this, and throughout my research process studying rape, I’ve had to do this. I’ve achieved this goal by providing information from my resources and incorporating them in my papers that I have seen most appropriate and effective. Having strong useful information in my writing builds a trust between the reader and what I have laid before them in my paper.

Finally, Core Value VII: Understand the power and ethical responsibility that come with the creation of written discourse. As a writer, you have to understand that what you write can have many effects and influences on people. It is important to write credible, honestly, and respectfully, all while upholding your views. I feel like my portfolio as a whole demonstrates this. As a writer I have learned to understand the power behind what I write, and that it is important for me to be responsible with what I say and how I say it. It has been important for me to state my claims properly and effectively. Once what I say is published, it is out there. With writing on rape, I recognize that it is a controversial issue, I had to be sensitive I felt to how I approached it.

I appreciate what I have learned in Comp II. I have learned that to write better, you have to think clearer. I have never been so frustrated in a writing class, but it was a good thing. It made me think, and that in itself has taught me a lot. When you can think clearer, you write clearer.

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One Response to Reflective – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

  1. davidbdale says:

    Still, I bet you’re glad there’s no such thing as Comp III, huh, Kenyah? I’m glad it was worth the effort. And I very much appreciate what you say about thinking more clearly. When I’m asked what I teach (which I admit is not often), I like to say I teach thinking. 🙂

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