Reflective- Rick Casario

College Composition

Round 2

College Composition 2 has been a hard-working, but enlightening experience that has benefited my writing skills immensely. The first core value that was practiced all year, has helped me improve my writing by encouraging me to self-revise my work multiple times. The best example of this would be my final research paper for Composition 2. Originally I put all of my arguments together and then drastically changed them to help make a more dynamic essay. The importance of self-revision is critical to becoming a better writer and I feel as though Professor Hodge’s class has really continued to push that point all semester long.

Core Value III is the process of understanding a text’s meaning, and how through our writing and reading  allows us to learn new ideas and better ourselves as writers through clarity. This core value  was something that our Professor made sure we really took away with us this semester. From the first real assignment involving the Yap, we took a look at people reporting on a foreign country’s means of currency and we were able to take a step back from it and criticize our own culture and system of value. This core value really is what pushes us to think critically about our readings and look for claims that then spark our ability to write on so many different topics. The definitional essay for instance, required us to all be very specific about each major factor of our research paper topic. It felt tedious to clarify what felt like literally everything, but I realized that by being clear you are almost positive to have the reader on board and interested in your work. I would say that this value is really what helped better my writing the most.

Core value V talks about the use and importance of information in writing. This has always been something that I have held to be important because the use of outside sources is essentially how you claim a fact or make a point or even win an argument. This semester in Composition 2 has been no exception to this value. As college students we are required to use information that is correctly cited as to give credit to that persons intellectual property. The role of information in our writing is to support our cause for writing and takes an academic approach to strengthen our claims.

Core Value VII honestly brings the quote “With great power comes great responsibility” to mind. The quote while being from the Toby Maguire reboot of spiderman, actually really does have a lot of truth to that of core value VII: understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with creation of written discourse. Rowan University, by allowing us the right to attend as students, makes us all some form of academic intelligence that collectively make up higher standards of education. By being a college student, our written discourse is cited work that has factual structure and not only represents us as an individual but as a part of the student body that makes up Rowan University. When we write we represent ourselves and our ideas under the higher education of Rowan. The work in our portfolio is a showcase of what we have learned and represents our growth as a writer and a maturing student.

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One Response to Reflective- Rick Casario

  1. davidbdale says:

    Not surprisingly, your work here is best when you use examples, Rick, as in your explanation of Core Value I. Readers love the cows and the chips, even (or maybe especially) when the material is as abstract as techniques for good writing.

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