Reflective Statement- Jodi Dziedzic


Going into College Composition II, I was somewhat confident that I would be able to pass through the class and finish on a good note. As soon as my professor started off the first few classes by having us question the true essence that is the meaning of money, I was beyond excited for what was to come in the future. The fact that my professor was opening the semester with something so enriching excited me for the upcoming assignments. Although, with the first assignment, I struggled in fulfilling the requirements necessary and my writing was poor in quality. When I realized how much of a growth I was about to experience in this class, my mindset altered and things became challenges I was more than willing to take head on. In receiving an extensive amount of assistance from my professor on how to fix my writing, I also realized I would be under good care. Now that I am looking back at that assignment in the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say that I look at writing in a better and more organized way.

As said before, one of the first few assignments required me to go back and make major revisions. The assignment was for us to teach ourselves to approach the idea of money in our nation differently, and reflect on the history of money in different cultures. We read multiple articles, listening to radio podcasts, and had a fulfilling amount of in class discussions. With this, I was able to revise my final opinion on the topic by using the evidence and artifacts we were given. By spending an excessive amount of time on this topic it made me comfortable with the idea that writing and analyzing a topic is recursive. Sometimes it is necessary to go back continuously and edit your thoughts, to achieve fluidity and assure your writing is cohesive. In this recursive strategy, I also was reminded that writing is a multi-stage process. In no occasion have I ever written something and allowed it to be a final copy. With encouragement from my professor, I ended up making changes to my essays and enhance them. With these lessons, I accomplished Core Value I.

In multiple of the small assignments and exercises instructed by my professor, I was taught how to look at writing differently, sentence by sentence, part by part, breaking each down and understanding it completely. Rather than just reading a sentence or a phrase, I learned how to analyze the sentence for each word used. This way, I could decide if something was appropriate for the topic, correctly worded, etc. A particular assignment I personally enjoyed doing was the visual argument. Being an art major, I am drawn to things that are visually exciting and meaningful. For this assignment, we were told to watch a short clip which was a commercial for an insurance company. After watching the commercial, we were told to in depth analyze the commercial for minor details that all together made the big picture. This was a great lesson for me, because I feel I actually learned to look at things more intensely for what they are trying to depict rather than just waiting for the message provided. Here I expressed a great example to further prove of my understanding of Core Value III.

Core Value V is one of the most important to practice, because while writing our research position papers, it was imperative that a topic was chosen that could be defended with facts and information. When we were presented with the assignment and told we were to choose our own topics, I decided I wanted to research an art oriented issue. In this, I realized that most things in art is totally subjective, in the sense that many people could have opposing opinions and almost be relatable. After I had chosen the topic, “street art and graffiti do not belong in galleries,” I realized it would be difficult for me to find evidence that was factual and not abstracted with personal or bias information. I then realized that I would need to rely heavily on events and artists quotes, I narrowed down my research and got what I needed. Choosing a topic that is so broad and easy to argue either sides made it difficult to find valid resources. In understanding Core Value V, I could decipher the difference in resources and easier construct my paper.

Writing a research paper and presenting it to a group of people reminded me while I was writing that this is partially for the benefit of the group. In writing, there is an underlying importance that the author is the voice, controlling what is fed to the public or not. Choosing a research topic, researching it, carefully analyzing data and selectively deciding what resources to use and what not are all important factors that are a part of the writing process. These factors also are channeled into the part that is the public reading, analyzing and critiquing your writing. The author should be aware that they are educating the public on their topic, and I definitely agree that I took advantage of this idea. I believe that I worked a slight bit extra on my research paper in attempt to describe to my peers the true meaning of street art and graffiti. I wanted my classmates to follow up on my understanding that street art and graffiti is rebellious and not meant to be confined. In this act, I controlled what information I used as a resource, what I decided to define in my definitional essay and what I chose to rebut in my rebuttal essay. Without the knowledge of Core Value VII, I don’t think any research paper is successful, because then the author is not educating himself enough to educate his peers.

After writing this entire reflective statement, I am becoming more and more aware of what I actually have learned from taking this course. I am sure to know for the next time I need to write an essay, that I follow the proper procedures, in order to write a thorough, fluid and cohesive paper.

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One Response to Reflective Statement- Jodi Dziedzic

  1. davidbdale says:

    You were wise to include specific details of your writing experience, Jodi. They make your essay more persuasive (and yes, this too is a persuasive argument essay, like everything we ever write).

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