Reflective Statement- Kirsten Smith

This past semester in Comp II has really helped me become a better writer. I received a lot of feedback for every paper I wrote, and sometimes the feedback was actually longer than my papers. This was a huge change from the kind of feedback I received in my comp I class. I would receive one, one word comment on a six page paper. I would babble on about nothing hoping to make it to the right about of pages I needed for each paper. That class was a mess, and it probably made me an even worse writer than I already was, but somehow I got an A.

Core value I has to do with understanding that writing is a multistep process that requires multiple drafts, input from others, and knowing what resources to use while writing. Time and time again this semester I have shown that I understand core value number one and I have incorporated my understanding into my writings. For example, all of the blog posts I wrote for my portfolio been revised after taking into account the constructive criticism I received from my professor.

Core value three is all about critiquing your own and other peoples’ writing.  This is important to the writing process because it helps a writer figure out what is missing from their writing and what they should include. Core value three is helpful especially during storytelling and giving instructions because having someone else read what you wrote ensures that your writing makes sense. This core value gives an extra set of eyes to a paper so that it can be as developed and expanded as possible. Over the course of the semester I had a few opportunities to critique other people’s writings while they critiqued my own.

To properly utilize core value five, a writer must be able to acquire a knowledge base relevant to their writing purpose and also be able to use that knowledge effectively and correctly. It must be understood that information obtained from other sources must be used and cited properly. When using information in your writing, you as a writer must be able to tell if it is from a reliable source, and also if it is relevant to what you are writing about. While writing my research paper I was able to look at many different sources and I had to figure out which ones were reliable and which ones weren’t.

Core value seven, in a way, incorporates many different aspects of the other core values. Core value seven is about realizing your responsibilities as a writer and taking them seriously. Writers must persuade and write honestly. Writers must also be aware of other points of view and be able to show respect for them in their writings. They must be able to understand the difference between biased reasoning and factual reasoning for a point.

I really enjoyed being a part of this Comp II class because it actually helped me become a better writer, which will help me in basically any other class I take while in college and after. I appreciate the criticism I received because it got me to stop being a lazy writer and to actually put effort into my papers.

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One Response to Reflective Statement- Kirsten Smith

  1. davidbdale says:

    Hooray for effort, Kirsten! 🙂
    But you’ve done more than work hard; you’ve improved your techniques. As for grades, As are harder to come by here than they apparently were in your Comp I class, so I’m not making any predictions, but I can easily imagine an excellent portfolio from you, so don’t stop working just yet.

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