Reflective – Rory O’Connell

In the beginning of this semester I had no idea what to expect from this class. I knew that it was a writing class that would have me think differently, and I knew that there would be several smaller papers that would be combined into one large portfolio. But what I didn’t know was that it was entirely online, set up in a blog format. Writing in this setting was something that was new to me and in a way still is.

Writing in this style has made it easier to edit and revise my papers. I’ve been able to edit my posts and revise any errors with little hassle. The way the class is structured also helps with revising. I’m allowed to edit my posts up until the final portfolio which gives me more then enough time to fix errors.

While writing my various papers and reading through multiple sources I’ve come to understand that writing is a very organic process. Over time papers are edited and parts rewritten, all for the sake of giving what is being said more meaning. The paper grows and its meaning becomes increasingly clear to the reader.

The information used when writing is also important to the writing process. The information has to first, be correct, and then be explained in a way that the reader can understand. It serves as the key focus of the paper, everything else is there to help support and explain the information.

When a writer has a paper that has so much power it is the writers responsibility to use it correctly. They need to understand that people will probably take what they say for granted and believe it.

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