Reflective Statement – Adam Tutolo

Surviving Comp II, One Step at a Time

This semester in college composition II I was pushed to the max level of my creativity. I have learned to express my opinions much clearer and easier. This class was challenging, but at the same time I grew to be a better writer as the class went on. A different take to comp class was refreshing. The completely paperless class is a great way to practice for the future, where technology will rule over paper. With a combination of pressure, good feedback and so many resources my writing has gone to the next level.

Core Value I states that writing is a multi-step process. This is definitely true revisions are key to producing the best writing possible. A student has many resources at their disposal to improve their writing many times. The fact that other students can see your writing and give you ideas, is a great way the further revise your work.  All the writing in this class is on you and you are given the judgment to decide if you want to make your paper better. Revision is imperative to success in this class. Getting great feedback is such a relief because then you can accurately fix up your paper, and make it the best it can be.

Core value III tells you that writing is all about meaning. I have definitely learned that in this class over the past couple months. I have realized that you need true meaning in your writing to be successful. Also that there are many sentences that I could put into a paper that really have no meaning, and it would be better off just to delete the sentence. In this class I have tried to really think about each sentence I am typing. While I type out each sentence I am interpreting the meaning of what I am saying. I look back and realize how many meaningless sentences are probably in my papers from years past. If you want to persuade your reader you need a true meaning behind your word to convey him or her.

Core value V tells us we need to understand the use of information in writing. Especially when you are doing some sort of research paper good information is a must. There are so many sources out there. You just have to dig deep to find them.  In this class I have learned to apply good information in my writing by dissecting the information. Each piece of good information needs to be analyzed, and then you can decide how to input it into your writing. Without good information we would be writing purely on opinion and you can’t be very persuasive that way.

Core value VII states that you need to understand the power and ethical responsible that comes with writing. The writer possesses the power with his or her fingertips. Obviously your brain tells you what to write, but when you type it out your writing possess persuasive power. The writing you produce could change someone’s views or get someone really thinking about a subject.  Words can be very powerful when put together well with meaning.

Bottom line this class has taught me to be a better writer.  Every aspect of writing has been touched upon and I am going to walk out of this class with much more knowledge on how to write with meaning.  The hands on interactive method in this class has prepared me for the future. I have become a much more confident writer and that is in thanks to the format of this class. I look back on this class and I am grateful for how it helped me.

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One Response to Reflective Statement – Adam Tutolo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Adam, I probably didn’t specifically tell you to do so, but you haven’t offered a single example in all these paragraphs to demonstrate what you mean by revision, or a worthless sentence, for example. Like any argument, this one would benefit tremendously from illustration and example.

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