Reflective Statement – Anthony Matias

The Last Piece of The Cake

I have never pushed more as a writer or thinker in any of my previous classes.  This semester I was challenged with unique topics and a new class format in terms of the blog.  The theme of counterintuitivity was challenging at first because it went against everything that I have learned in the past but as the year went on it started to make more sense than I thought.  With your help I was able to push myself as a writer and learn many new things.

Core Value I. Understand that writing is a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.  Writing is a multistage process was one of the biggest things that I learned this semester.  I received so much feedback for my Casual Argument, then fixed it and received another huge chunk of feedback.  It was evident that even though I made corrections there was still many mistakes that can go easily missed.  With the class being online it made it easy to see the corrections I made from one revision to the next and to get feedback from you as well as my classmates which made it easier to improve my essays.  You taught me that even an essay that is seemingly perfect can still benefit from being revised.  I saw the benefit of using a multistage process when I got my grade for my “Money Revised” it was a huge improvement from the first draft and the grade reflected that.

Core Value III. Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning.  Writing has to have meaning was the other big thing I learned this semester.  Every sentence has to have its own meaning and the whole essay has to be a good string of thoughts that have to relate to one another.  The topics I had to write about in this class were unlike any I have had before.  I had to get a good understanding of each one in order to have the right meaning behind my essays.  With the feedback you gave me, it showed me that I’m not writing for myself to read my essay, I’m writing to appeal to my audience.  I need to make sure they understand the meaning of my sentences by providing some support.

Core Value V. Understand the role and use of information in writing.  When writing it is important to understand the use of information.  I learned a lot about this goal while writing my research paper.   In this class, with these unique topics every piece of information was critical.  But I learned i order to make that information useful, I had to interpret it from different angles.  Also, incorporating that information into my writing gives my reader a good understanding what I am saying.  There are so many sources out there. You just have to dig deep to find them.

Core Value VII. Understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse.  Writing gives you many responsibilities and they are all important.  Yes, freedom of speech allows a writer to say whatever they want but, they have to understand they have an audience to appeal to.  This class taught me that I can’t be so aggressive and attacking in my essays.  I need to be fair for both sides of the argument .  Time and time again I saw in my feedback that I shouldn’t be so harsh or shouldn’t jump to conclusions.  I was able to see my mistakes and took responsibility for my actions while writing.

I enjoyed this class very much and having you as a teacher made it a lot easier to get through.  This class made me a more open minded person not just about writing but about life.  I look at both sides of the argument before jumping to a decision.  Even the things that we think make the most sense can be argued. Every aspect of writing was touched upon and I’m going to walk out of this class with much more knowledge on how to write with meaning and responsibility

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One Response to Reflective Statement – Anthony Matias

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’ve sensed that you were growing as a writer and a thinker, Anthony. I’m glad to see my impressions were correct.

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