Portfolio (Grade) Conferences

The schedule I copied from the whiteboard looks like this:

  • TUE MAY 07
    • Rory O’Connell
    • Mike Middleton
    • Justin Baker
    • Joe Passalacqua
    • Kirsten Smith
    • Jodi Dziedzic
    • Kailee Whiting
    • Adam Tutolo
    • Brianne Waters
    • Nicole Clark
  • THU MAY 09
    • Brent Adkins
    • Kevin Buttari
    • Rick Casario
    • Sammy Kovnat
    • Anthony Matias
    • Chris DiSarcina
    • Taylor Brody
    • Billy Kluge
    • Steve LeBano
    • Dan Primavera (added)
    • Kenyah King Ho-Sang (added)

I hope this coincides with your understanding.

No particular times are promised. I expect to meet with each of you more or less in the order above. You may of course make ad hoc adjustments once you arrive at our usual meeting place, at our usual time.

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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels. www.davidbdale.wordpress.com
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3 Responses to Portfolio (Grade) Conferences

  1. kaileewhiting says:

    I’m confused with the times. In your email you mentioned my time to be around 3:30 on Tuesday and this says Thursday. If possible can we make sure it is Tuesday because I have a midterm at this time on Thursday.

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