Reflective Statement-Taylor Brody

Writing with Passion

After taking College Composition I with Professor Hodges last semester, there was no doubt in my mind whose Composition II course I was going to take. I learned so much last semester, and I wanted to improve on my writing even further…I believe I did just that.

The biggest difference between this course and the course from last semester was the opportunity to write about a subject of my choice. I decided to pick a topic that I was passionate about, and I ran with it. Earlier in the year, a random person on Facebook decided to question my “psychological health” based on the fact that I was a brony. I used this opportunity to prove him dead wrong, and I believe that I did just that.

After learning many writing skills last semester, I was determined to apply them from the get-go in class. Learning is one thing, but applying is something completely different. As a person who writes as a hobby, I believe application is vital.

Despite working through many stressful situations at home and at school, I am certain that I’ve learned much from this class about sentence structure, clarity and claims, which I will apply in my writing for the rest of my life.

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