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So, Remember Bitcoin?….

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Reflection – Kevin Buttari

Clever Title During my time as a student, I’ve had to take many writing classes and write many reflective statements.  Upon examination of my previous reflective statements, one could procure enough bull excrements about the things I’ve “learned” to start … Continue reading

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Research Paper – Kevin Buttari

Procrastination: Why and How To Do It Procrastination is a large part of countless students’ lives and work methods.  It is responsible for a seemingly endless number of papers, projects and assignments that are completed just moments before class.  However, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Comparison Argument – Team Buttari

Kevin Buttari Kailee Whiting Brianne Waters Rick Casario American money, fei, and bitcoin are all forms of currency that rely on the people who use them to realize their value.  If the value is not realized, then there is no … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay – Kevin Buttari

Hara Morano, a writer for “Psychology Today,” published a quite convincing article entitled “Procrastination: Ten Things To Know.”  While the article makes some good points, the majority of the claims in the argument are false.  The “Ten Things To Know,” … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Kevin Buttari

The Ad Council’s “The Day Before” seems to be a very simple PSA, but actually utilizes a number of visual effects to create a very convincing environment.  The PSA depicts the lives of two average men.  The PSA is done entirely in split screen … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – Kevin Buttari

To most people, procrastination isn’t the best work ethic to have.  Most psychologists think it’s down-right awful, however, for some reason, we continue to do it.  For something so “horrible”, one would imagine that not many people would practice it. … Continue reading

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