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Reflective – Steve LeBano

I came into Comp. 2 with a lot of expectations, and I’m happy to say that many of them were proven false. This was my first college writing course, and I’m proud to say that there’s a radical difference in … Continue reading

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Research Position—Steve LeBano

A Greener Choice? Hybrid technology in automobiles has been available in the U.S. market since 1999, and since 1997, over 5.8 million hybrids have been sold worldwide as of October 2012. For a distinct portion of consumers, the appeal of … Continue reading

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alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Weird video, good song.

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Steve LeBano: A13

A Polite Disagreement The environmental impact of automobiles has long been a concern in this country. For years, hybrid automobiles remained relatively obscure vehicles in the American market, but in the wake of environmental and economic concerns stemming from fuel … Continue reading

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It is a bit long, so I will mention that the best part in my opinion, the 3rd movement, starts at around 5:45.

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A12 Visual Argument- Steve LeBano

Stroke Awareness: The beginning of the video shows scenes from a rather stereotypical wedding. As the commercial passes through numerous shots of people in various common situations, it focuses on their specific body language rather than what they are saying, … Continue reading

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Causal Essay- Steve LeBano

The Hidden effects of Hybrids The environmental impact of automobiles has been a concern for many years. Although measures have been taken in the past to reduce the impact of American drivers, such as the emissions control laws of the … Continue reading

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