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Reflective Statement -Dan Primavera

This semester of Comp II has been crazy for my personal growth as a writer. Although I believed myself to be a fairly superior writer coming into this semesters’ class, I was quickly proven wrong after receiving one of Professor … Continue reading

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Research Position—Dan Primavera

Prozac: Caucasians Only As someone who comes from a family that has a history of people suffering from depression, a topic involving the anti-depressant, Prozac, being a “white drug” was automatically an eye catching topic. Coming from a mostly Italian … Continue reading

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A greater cover of an even better song.

Sublime- Rivers of Babylon

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Rebuttal Essay -Dan Primavera

Medical and Insurance Conditions Benefit from Generic Brand Prozac When looking at the issue of what causes Prozac to be a “white drug,” one must look at the issue from all angles. Although there are many unsettling factors that create … Continue reading

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Visual Argument -Dan Primavera

I chose the “Fatherhood Involvement” video: -scene opens with a grandmotherly looking woman knitting in a living room -the living room is very boring looking and old fasioned -a mans voice singing kicks in from what is to be thought … Continue reading

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Causal Essay -Dan Primavera

“Prozac: A Widely Regarded ‘White’ Drug” There are no clear cut reasons that Prozac is mostly prescribed to white people but there are many factors that go into this complexity that may be the cause (although some may not be … Continue reading

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Definition Essay -Dan Primavera

A term often used to describe the prescription drug, Prozac, is that it is referred to as a “white drug.” This term is meant to reflect upon the prescribing trends of the drug and how it is typically prescribed to … Continue reading

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