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Reflective- Rick Casario

College Composition Round 2 College Composition 2 has been a hard-working, but enlightening experience that has benefited my writing skills immensely. The first core value that was practiced all year, has helped me improve my writing by encouraging me to self-revise … Continue reading

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A14: Research Position- Rick Casario

Internet censorship: Government vs. Our Privacy and the Freedom of the Press Imagine a world where anyone who actively shares media content on the internet is a government target. The US government pushes for bills to censor “infringing” material and … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay- Rick Casario

Internet Censorship: The last frontier of true free speech In a world where nearly everything on television and the radio are limited by government censors, the internet is considered one of the last bastions of true free speech. Internet censorship … Continue reading

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A12 Visual Argument- Rick Casario

The video I chose to talk about was the the texting and driving prevention clip from “Glee”. Texting and Driving Prevention – The video starts off with a girl driving a VW buggy down a rural road – The girl … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- Rick Casario

Online piracy has faced a lot of opposition in recent years, but just how serious would have battling it gotten when SOPA threatens the difference between pirates and innocent people using a single song under the fair use policy? Even more importantly, … Continue reading

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Definitional Essay – Rick Casario

Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published or viewed on the internet. That nation’s government is usually who controls the flow of information, but private corporations at the behest of the government can also have … Continue reading

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White Paper- Rick Casario

1. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was an act “To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and other purposes.” -H.R. 3261. The act basically expanded the ability of U.S. law enforcement to fight … Continue reading

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