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Reflective Statement-Taylor Brody

Writing with Passion After taking College Composition I with Professor Hodges last semester, there was no doubt in my mind whose Composition II course I was going to take. I learned so much last semester, and I wanted to improve … Continue reading

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Research Position-Taylor Brody

Friendship is Magic Colorful ponies, friendship and magic: these are all characteristics of what most would call a television show for young girls. However, the one show on the air that features all three of these components, My Little Pony: Friendship … Continue reading

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Definition Essay-Taylor Brody

Bronies, known for being the adult male fans of the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, have an immense creative drive. Whether it’s in the form of music, fine art, animation or broadcasting, members of the the brony community … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay-Taylor Brody

Are Bronies Really THAT Weird? When picturing a grown man watching a television show for little girls, it can be very hard to find such a person “normal.” Society has people programmed to avoid the deviant and taboo and to … Continue reading

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Causal Argument-Taylor Brody

Unicorns, ponies, magic, princesses and singing are just a few examples of common traits found in television shows for young girls. Disney has included these in their films, which have hit home to the aforementioned intended audience. There is one … Continue reading

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Visual Argument-Taylor Brody

My Visual Argument is on the Texting and Driving Prevention ad. -The ad starts off with a car being driven down a road, which looks to be in a relatively barren area. -There is a construction vehicle in front of … Continue reading

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My White Paper-Taylor Brody

The Topic Background: “Brony” Culture My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (often referred to as MLP: FiM) is an animated television cartoon for young girls that debuted on The Hub network in 2010. The Hub network was created by Hasbro … Continue reading

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