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Bitcoin Argument—Team Tutolo

Grading Joe 4 Taylor 3 Kirsten 2 Adam 1 members: Adam Tutolo, Taylor Brody, Kirsten Smith, Joe Passalacqua Our Thesis: Despite the positive efficiency of Bitcoin, the purchasing of drugs and illegal products on “Silk Road,” an online black market, … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Essay – Adam Tutolo

The Brain Rules All Some people believe that the phenomenon of diffusion of responsibility stems from purely what you see. For example, a bystander will not help based on the victims race, gender, or age. Although this theory may be true the sub-conscience mind plays … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ___ Argument: Team Tutolo

Team Leader: Adam Tutolo: Members: Taylor Brody, Kirsten Smith, Joe Passalacqua Our Thesis: Our Argument:

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Visual Argument – Adam Tutolo

Buzzed Driving The video starts with loud club music playing in backround. The area seems deserted except for the club, a few people in the backround, the two characters, and a car. No one is introduced and no names are … Continue reading

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White Paper – Adam Tutolo

1. The Topic Background: Diffusion of responsibility also known as the bystander effect is a perplexing phenomenon. Diffusion of responsibility  occurs when a person is in need of help and the bystander doesn’t take action when others are present. This phenomenon occurs more often when there … Continue reading

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Research Proposal – Adam Tutolo

Counter-intuitively means contrary to what might be right or correct. It seems to me that the brain often thinks counter-intuitively, even though many people do not always do what they are thinking. The topic I have decided to write about is … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Adam Tutolo

Anthony Ozimic 00:05 – 00:15 “It may be that without the donation of an organ people may die, but its the nature of organ donation that its a gift, its not a duty.” it’s Anthony is making an evaluation claim by comparing … Continue reading

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