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Bitcoin Critical Argument – Team Matias

Team Leader: Anthony Matias Members: Brent Adkins1, Justin Baker4, Steve LeBano2, Anthony Matias3 Our Thesis: The system of Bitcoin is unstable because it has no one to oversee the whole process.  This system has no safety next like banks have … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ____ Argument: Team Matias

Team Leader: Anthony Matias Members: Brent Adkins, Justin Baker, Steve LeBano Our Thesis: Our Argument:

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Definition Essay – Anthony Matias

Multivitamins, What Are They? Multivitamins do not fall under any of the five major food groups nor are they a part of a normal “well-balanced diet.”  Dietary supplements don’t fall under the recommended food choices and they have little proof … Continue reading

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White Paper – Anthony Matias

Background: Are Multivitamins Bad For You? The multivitamin supplement industry makes about 28 billion dollars annually, with around forty to fifty percent of Americans purchasing their supplements.  A multivitamin is a dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements. Which are … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking – Anthony Matias

Anthony Ozimic 0:05- 0:17 – “It may be without the donation of an organ, people will die, but it’s the nature of organ donation, that it’s a gift; it’s not a duty” Here Anthony is making a casual claim by … Continue reading

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Polio Source – Anthony Matias I found this article while doing a Google search on “Is the Polio vaccine harmful,” I was suspicious to why the people of Nigeria didn’t want the vaccine because it would put a halt to the deaths of many … Continue reading

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Saws Part 2- Anthony Matias

1. Manufacturers- “It would cost approximately $100 per saw to put automatic safety technology on every table saw sold in the United States.”  This is a consequential claim because it shows the cost that the companies would have to spend … Continue reading

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