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Causal Essay – Baker

Releasing Aggression Listening to heavy metal helps release aggression in its listeners. From the loud, distorted instruments to the screaming vocals, metal helps relieve stress and anxiety. Heavy metal has been condemned from the start of the genre due to … Continue reading

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White Paper – Justin Baker

1. Heavy Metal has been a very important genre of music over the past fifty years. Originating from blues and rock and roll of the early 1900s, bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple paved the way … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Justin Baker

Oli Lewington   0:05 – 0:12 – “I knew that if I didn’t get a transplant in time, my life was running out very rapidly.” Lewington uses a causal claim by saying if he did not get a transplant … Continue reading

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Baker – Polio I found this article through Google Scholar. It is about the boycott of polio vaccinations in Northern Nigeria. The article focuses on the public anxieties about the false rumors of what is in the vaccinations. There were rumors that … Continue reading

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Saws Part 2 – Baker

1. Manufacturers – “Power Tool Institute takes strong offense to the concept of making safety devices like this mandatory on products like table saws. They cite both technical and practical/financial problems with mandating SawStop technology.” The claim made in the previous quote … Continue reading

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Saws Part 1 – Justin Baker

An anonymous reporter from Pro Tool Reviews wrote, “Between the 8% fee and the additional hardware costs, your typical $400 jobsite saw would potentially rise in cost to around $625. Your entry level table saws would all but disappear. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Money Rewrite – Baker

Many of us are raised to believe in many things we can’t see. Whether it is God, the idea of freedom, or money in a bank. We are told it is there and we are told to believe that. How … Continue reading

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