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Bitcoin ___ Argument: Team Kluge

Team Leader: Billy Kluge Members: Jodi Dziedzic, Sammy Kovnat, Michael Middleton, Kenyah King-Ho-Sang Our Thesis: Our Argument:

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Rebuttal Essay – Billy Kluge

Help the Way we Help The action of self-harm is only seen for its negative effects, therefore labeling it as a problem. Self-harming may be defined as inflicting pain on oneself, but the physical pain is better than the emotional … Continue reading

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White Paper – Billy Kluge

Topic Background Self harm is the action of hurting oneself. Intentional harm is popularly thought of  to be done by cutting or burning of the skin, punching oneself, or throwing oneself against hard objects.  The caused pain is to receive an … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Billy Kluge

This is a critical reading of the video “Should organ donation be made compulsory – Jeanette Walker” 0:00 – 0:15 “When organs are taken from a dead body it’s done sensitively and people would not be able to tell from … Continue reading

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Polio White Paper – Billy Kluge After doing an internet search on problems with polio eradication I came across the news article “Polio’s Last Stand: Bill Gates is bent on eradicating the disease, but the war isn’t going well” written by Fred Guterl. The article provides numerous … Continue reading

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Saws Part II – Billy Kluge

1. Manufacturers: “Steve Gauss thinks it (SawStop) could work on many kinds of power saws, nail guns, wood chippers, and factory equipment that seriously injure hundreds of thousands of people every year around the country.” This is a casual claim. … Continue reading

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Saws Part I—Billy Kluge

1. In the NCL Fact Sheet on Saw Safety the author states “One of these technologies, called SawStop, stops the blade within milliseconds of contact to minimize injury.  It is on the market already and has demonstrated its effectiveness with … Continue reading

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