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Late but good source for Brent and Kirsten

Listening to the BBC this morning, I heard an intriguing story about a proposed change to the US foreign aid policy. Oxfam America and the US featured prominently in a frank and disturbing discussion of problems created by massive food … Continue reading

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Causal Essay – Brent Adkins

Teach A Man To Shoe The moderate daily use of an African child’s pair of shoes yields a need for durable shoes at an affordable price.  This need creates an opportunity within the local economy to profit and grow from, … Continue reading

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A09: My White Paper – The Global Barefoot Epidemic – Brent Adkins

The Topic Background: TOMS Shoes TOMS Shoes, founded in 2006, was the product of Blake Mycoskie’s vision to give shoes to impoverished children in developing countries; for every pair of shoes TOMS sells, they give a pair to a child … Continue reading

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MGMT – Congratulations

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Organ Donor – Brent Adkins

Jeanette Walker claims that God has a plan for all of us and that He gave her a second chance through a liver transplant.  She attributes this reason as to why she believes in assumed organ donation upon death.  Rebuttals … Continue reading

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A05 Part 1 – Brent Adkins

“Record for Polio Vaccination” Google News – “‘We attach importance to child healthcare adhering to the “sound mind and sound body” principle. In the last 15 years 4,000 kids were administered polio vaccines. We have on our own 1,400 kids … Continue reading

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SawStop Part II – Brent Adkins

Manufacturers – “The additional cost to manufacturers to implement this technology is estimated to be between $150-$200 per product, an amount that will be passed on to the consumer.”  This is a consequential claim, stating that increased regulations would cost … Continue reading

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