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Bitcoin Causal Argument: Team O’Connell

The Weakness in Bitcoins Team Leader: Rory O’Connell 3 Members: Chris DiSarcina 4, Nicole Clark 1, Daniel Primavera 2 Our Thesis: Bitcoin’s inevitable failure will be caused by its vulnerable and unstable market value. Our Argument:  Bitcoin sites, because they are online, are vulnerable to DDoS (Distributed … Continue reading

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bitcoin sources

team O’Connell sources and info post here

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Causal Essay -Dan Primavera

“Prozac: A Widely Regarded ‘White’ Drug” There are no clear cut reasons that Prozac is mostly prescribed to white people but there are many factors that go into this complexity that may be the cause (although some may not be … Continue reading

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White Paper -Dan Primavera

1. I have multiple family members who are prescribed to the anti-depressant called Prozac and was automatically attracted to this topic. The fact that a prescription drug meant to help ANY person suffering from depression is considered a “white drug” … Continue reading

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Research Proposal -Dan Primavera

Is Prozac a “white” drug? Counter-intuitivity is a concept at which I find to be a confusing thing to grasp. To me it seems like a made up thing (the above word is but not the complete concept) and I … Continue reading

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Critical Reading -Dan Primavera

Although many would probably cite religion to be their reason for not being an organ donor, I must say I believe that to be a weak excuse when the said religious person could be saving a life or multiple lives … Continue reading

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Polio Source—-Dan Primavera

Nigeria Polio Vaccination Incidents Title of Article: Gunmen kill polio immunization workers in northern Nigeria Source: Los Angeles Times- World,,0,6931585.story?track=rss “Conservative Muslim clerics in Nigeria’s north have long been leery of immunizations. Polio exploded there a decade ago after … Continue reading

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