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White Paper- Jodi Dziedzic

1) The topic background: Street art, also known as “post graffiti,” is a hybrid form of old school vandalism. Graffiti is known for its typical style of handheld aerosol spray paint tagging, whereas street art goes beyond the boundaries and … Continue reading

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Critical Reading- Jodi Dziedzic

Anthony Ozimic- 00:05- 00:15 “It may be that without the donation of an organ, people will die, but it’s the nature of organ donation, that it’s a gift- it’s not a duty.” – This claim is a powerful statement, and … Continue reading

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A05 Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

“In an article reported by, a South African online news Web site, Sule Ya’u Sule, speaking for the governor of Kano, is quoted as saying: ‘Since September 11, the Muslim world is beginning to be suspicious of any move … Continue reading

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Saws Part 1- Jodi Dziedzic

1) On the National Consumers League’s, “Fact Sheet on Saw Safety,” it is stated that, “the benefits of improving table saw safety clearly outweigh the costs.” 2) The money people can avoid having to spend on injuries from saws that … Continue reading

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Money Rewrite – Jodi Dziedzic

Before the invention of currency, humans compensated others for doing a job or a chore with something that was conveniently available to him or herself. A man who owned a farm and had a large quanitity of livestock would reward … Continue reading

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Invention of Money- Jodi Dziedzic

After the experience of reading about, learning about and discussing whether or not money is as important as we think, I have concluded that my opinion on money has not changed. Although this is true, researching the lives of the … Continue reading

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PTSD- Jodi Dziedzic

I am extremely grateful that we were assigned to read this article, because it truly did bring on a new way of thinking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the arduous lifestyle that people who not only have PTSD but … Continue reading

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