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Causal Essay- Joseph Passalacqua

A Flawed Education System School today are all based off of a very linear structure which teaches students nothing but the minimum requirements of passing standardized tests and giving students little room to grow in the classroom.  Our minds, as … Continue reading

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A09: White Paper: Joseph Passalacqua – Updated

The Topic Background: The American Education System: America’s education system, although the most expensive in the world, is falling behind in comparison to other countries.  Our education system places too much emphasis on standardized testing, and is showing little to … Continue reading

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5 Underrated Songs That Blow Today’s Pop Music Out of the Water

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Critical Reading- Joseph Passalacqua

Anthony Ozimic 00:05/00:16 “It may be that without the donation of an organ, people will die, but it’s the nature of organ donation, that it’s a gift- it’s not a duty.” -This claim is quick to grab the readers attention, as … Continue reading

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Polio Source – Joe Passalacqua

10 Facts on Polio Eradication World Health Organization Google search was done on “WHO polio eradication.” “There are just three countries which have never stopped transmission of polio”(WHO, Anna-Lea Kahn) The three countries of Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan are … Continue reading

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Saws Part 2- Joseph Passalacqua

1. “SawStop is currently available in the marketplace to any consumer who chooses to purchase it.”  The claim being made by a representative of many different manufacturers is a categorical claim.  Manufacturers do not want to raise their prices for the … Continue reading

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Saws Part 1- Joseph Passalacqua

1. “…his injury would also have been prevented by properly following existing safety procedures that are well documented and clearly were violated in this instance” 2. The author is defending Bosch claiming that the man who is suing them for a finger injury … Continue reading

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