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Rebuttal Essay – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

Opponents to the matter that rape is not as big a deal in society are termed rape apologists. Rape apologists argue that rape is infrequent, misreported, over-reported, or in some cases “excusable,” in cases such as marriage, or women being … Continue reading

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My White Paper – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

Topic Background: Rape is unwanted, forced sex; sex against one’s will. It is a violation of the body and of one’s will. It is a violent and degrading crime. Of the cases reported, the most common rape victims are women, … Continue reading

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Saws Part II – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

1. The PTI argues: “The requirement would be too costly.” This is a proposal claim going against the requirement of the safer saws because its the cost. 2. “Each day we wait for CPSC to act, 10 new amputations occur,” said … Continue reading

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Saws Part I – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

“I want to emphasize that the injuries resulting from the use of table saws are, in many cases, particularly gruesome. While these injuries typically involve a laceration wound ranging from a minor scratch to a serious gash, we also know, based on … Continue reading

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Money Rewrite – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

When was the last time someone came up to you and asked, “Hey do you have change for a billion dollar bill?” Probably never.  Billionaires do exist though, we just don’t see them checking out of a shopping mall with … Continue reading

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PTSD – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

A husband comes back home from work to his family. He is not coming through the door from his 9-5 work day. No, instead he is returning home from war. He has seen his friends killed and lived with the … Continue reading

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Invention of Money – Kenyah King Ho-Sang

I have never taken into consideration how silly our money system works. As I was reading the article and listening to the broadcasts, I was thinking about how silly that seemed, but it really isn’t much different than how our own money … Continue reading

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