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Late but good source for Brent and Kirsten

Listening to the BBC this morning, I heard an intriguing story about a proposed change to the US foreign aid policy. Oxfam America and the US featured prominently in a frank and disturbing discussion of problems created by massive food … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- Kirsten Smith

Listen To Their Needs First When you think of philanthropy, you often think of a wealthy person or group of people who are donating a large amount of money or goods, and as a result they are helping a group … Continue reading

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White Paper-Kirsten Smith

Philanthropy is something that takes place worldwide. Whether it’s during the aftermath of a tragedy or for an ongoing misfortune such as a disease or lack of resources, philanthropy happens all the time. Tom’s is a shoe company that for … Continue reading

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Research Proposal-Kirsten Smith

My thesis for this research project is going to be something to the effect of, “Philanthropy doesn’t help the people it’s supposed to.” I read the article about the Toms shoes and how they don’t usually reach the right kids … Continue reading

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Critical Reading-Kirsten Smith

Jeanette Walker :07-:16 “When organs are taken from a dead body, it is done very sensitively and people would not be able to tell that it is done in such a lovely way.” There are two separate claims here. The … Continue reading

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Polio Source-Kirsten Smith The article that I found is from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and it is titled, 99% is Not Enough. This article is from 2010 and it is about how the world is so close to being polio free, but because … Continue reading

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Safer Saws Part II – Kirsten Smith

1. Manufacturers– “The saw brake technology adds around $100 to the cost of a saw. For expensive saws, that may not be a big deal. But for cheap $100 saws at Home Depot, it could double the price. The industry … Continue reading

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