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“Fossil Fuels Are Making the Planet…Greener?”

Even more counterintuitivity: In search for even more material regarding the how using paper is good for the environment, I came across this.. I am not using as a source which is why I thought I’d make a separate post. … Continue reading

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Causal Essay—Mike Middleton

Paper, the Savior to a Clean Atmosphere The health of the environment is in constant concern among a lot of people. Looking for new ways to improve the quality of the air that we breathe and reducing our society’s carbon … Continue reading

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White Paper – Mike Middleton

1. Recycling helps reduce the number of trees that are cut down and increase the efficiency of using paper. Since it is found that trees sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and can retain it even after being cut down, it … Continue reading

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Research Proposal—Mike Middleton Proposals with good intentions but have unexpected negative results are counterintuitive. One is utilizing paper instead plastic. Some people choose plastic because they think producing paper is more detrimental to the environment. This is actually not true because trees … Continue reading

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Critical Reading – Mike Middleton

  0:05 – 0:14 “I knew that if I didn’t get a transplant in time, my life was running out fairly rapidly.” Oli Lewington makes this claim in attempt to justify his future arguments through the reasoning of experience. Oli’s … Continue reading

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Polio Source – Mike Middleton In a search for articles pertaining to polio eradication I found this report about setbacks that vaccinators are facing in Nigeria. The article makes a number of different claims starting off with definition claims that describe the situation. The … Continue reading

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Saws Part II – Mike Middleton

Manufacturers – The Delta industry said “Safety doesn’t sell.” I think this is both an evaluation and a proposal claim. The reason is because the company doesn’t necessarily say that SawStop is good or bad, but rather they say that … Continue reading

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