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Bitcoin Causal Argument: Team O’Connell

The Weakness in Bitcoins Team Leader: Rory O’Connell 3 Members: Chris DiSarcina 4, Nicole Clark 1, Daniel Primavera 2 Our Thesis: Bitcoin’s inevitable failure will be caused by its vulnerable and unstable market value. Our Argument:  Bitcoin sites, because they are online, are vulnerable to DDoS (Distributed … Continue reading

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bitcoin sources

team O’Connell sources and info post here

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Definition Essay-Nicole Clark

Unconscious Thought The thesis I have chosen to use in my essay relates to the fact that unconscious thought (sleeping) will help an individual make better quality decisions. I would like to focus on the definition of “unconscious thought” and … Continue reading

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White Paper-Nicole Clark

Background: Some may contemplate that the best approach to making choices should be based off of their first instinct. Many people believe that gut decisions are the best method of coming to conclusions. It may be hard for some people … Continue reading

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Critical Reading- Nicole Clark

00:20-00:32 “My name is Komal Adris and I am a Muslim. I joined the organ donor register about a year and a half ago when a best friend of mine desperately needed a kidney, but there simply were not enough … Continue reading

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Organ Donation- Nicole Clark

Komal Adris claims organ donation should not be compulsory due to religious reasons. She believes that you should not force people to donate their organs and they should do it on their own terms. People deciding on their own terms … Continue reading

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Polio Source—Nicole Clark I used google scholar which led me to ProfSearch for Rowan to find this article. The article is from The New England Journal of Medicine. The article describes how a study was conducted to see if the vaccination for … Continue reading

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