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Rebuttal Essay – Rory O’Connell

Wearing Helmets for less Risk Helmets are designed to effectively protect the head of bikers in case of an accident. When bikers fall helmets have been show to reduce chances of head injury by 85%. In hospitals, 7% of head injuries in … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Causal Argument: Team O’Connell

The Weakness in Bitcoins Team Leader: Rory O’Connell 3 Members: Chris DiSarcina 4, Nicole Clark 1, Daniel Primavera 2 Our Thesis: Bitcoin’s inevitable failure will be caused by its vulnerable and unstable market value. Our Argument:  Bitcoin sites, because they are online, are vulnerable to DDoS (Distributed … Continue reading

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bitcoin sources

team O’Connell sources and info post here

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Bitcoin ___ Argument: Team O’Connell

Team Leader: Rory O’Connell Members: Chris DiSarcina, Nicole Clark, Daniel Primavera Our Thesis: Our Argument:    

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White Paper – Rory O’Connell

Topic Background: Bicycle helmet laws Bicycles like many other forms of transportation have their dangers, people can fall on their bike or be struck by a car. So as a precaution helmets were designed to protect the head and reduce injury. The … Continue reading

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Polio source – Rory O’Connell To find my paper I did a Google search for “polio vaccine” and found this NPR article. The article talks about the U.N. stopping vaccination in Pakistan because of multiple attacks on health workers. It also mentions U.N. members having concern over health workers safety and concerns for … Continue reading

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Saws part 2 – Rory O’Connell

1. Manufactures:, “Besides that, his injury would also have been prevented by properly following existing safety procedures that are well documented and clearly were violated in this instance. You can’t cut off your fingers if they don’t get near the … Continue reading

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