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Bitcoin Argument—Team Tutolo

Grading Joe 4 Taylor 3 Kirsten 2 Adam 1 members: Adam Tutolo, Taylor Brody, Kirsten Smith, Joe Passalacqua Our Thesis: Despite the positive efficiency of Bitcoin, the purchasing of drugs and illegal products on “Silk Road,” an online black market, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Causal Argument—Team Kluge

Billy Kluge 3 Mike Middleton 2 Sammy Kovnat 4 Jodi Dziedzic 1 Drugs for BitCoins Bitcoin is a form of currency created on the Internet. From the main website it is portrayed as an easy peer-to-peer exchange method but in … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Comparison Argument – Team Buttari

Kevin Buttari Kailee Whiting Brianne Waters Rick Casario American money, fei, and bitcoin are all forms of currency that rely on the people who use them to realize their value.  If the value is not realized, then there is no … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Critical Argument – Team Matias

Team Leader: Anthony Matias Members: Brent Adkins1, Justin Baker4, Steve LeBano2, Anthony Matias3 Our Thesis: The system of Bitcoin is unstable because it has no one to oversee the whole process.  This system has no safety next like banks have … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Causal Argument: Team O’Connell

The Weakness in Bitcoins Team Leader: Rory O’Connell 3 Members: Chris DiSarcina 4, Nicole Clark 1, Daniel Primavera 2 Our Thesis: Bitcoin’s inevitable failure will be caused by its vulnerable and unstable market value. Our Argument:  Bitcoin sites, because they are online, are vulnerable to DDoS (Distributed … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ___ Argument: Team Kluge

Team Leader: Billy Kluge Members: Jodi Dziedzic, Sammy Kovnat, Michael Middleton, Kenyah King-Ho-Sang Our Thesis: Our Argument:

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Bitcoin ___ Argument: Team O’Connell

Team Leader: Rory O’Connell Members: Chris DiSarcina, Nicole Clark, Daniel Primavera Our Thesis: Our Argument:    

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