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Reflective Statement – Anthony Matias

The Last Piece of The Cake I have never pushed more as a writer or thinker in any of my previous classes.  This semester I was challenged with unique topics and a new class format in terms of the blog. … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument – Anthony Matias

The Miracle Pill Multivitamins aren’t always bad news though, certain multivitamins and dietary supplements help make the lives of certain people easier. Doctors will rarely tell a patient to take a multivitamin or eating a healthy diet but there are … Continue reading

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Research Position Paper – Anthony Matias

The Placebo Effect of Multivitamins For the past couple of years there have been numerous studies and speculations that raise the question whether or not multivitamins provide the great health benefits that everyone assumes. Many people in this country take … Continue reading

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Visual Argument – Anthony Matias

Childhood Obesity- Ad Council A hispanic mother and father are waving into a video camera saying, “hola familia” while the mother is holding the camera toward them both.  They seem to be sending a video to their relatives. The father … Continue reading

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Casual Argument – Anthony Matias

Since When Are Pills a Major Food Group? My thesis itself is a causal claim, “multivitamins cause more harm than good,”  and over the past few years studies have provided data that went against common know that dietary supplements are … Continue reading

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